World Quality Day ? one of our favourite dates

The idea of devoting one day of the year to increase quality awareness was first raised by the United Nations in 1990. Since the second Thursday of November in 2008, World Quality Day unites companies and organisations from around the world to advocate the importance of quality found in their products and services.

Each year a different quality-related idea is celebrated. After ‘In Pursuit of Excellence?, ?Making Collaboration Count? and ?Making operational governance count?, time has come for ?Everyday Leadership?. This event is about celebrating leadership behaviour ? that focused and objective approach that makes it possible to improve the company each day of the year. It does not refer to managers only, but each employee that tries to employ quality objectives in their daily work.

World Quality Day initiators see quality as a hallmark characteristic that enhances reputation, boosts profitability and drives change. They follow the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) in believing that quality may be identified in five main areas ?  governance, assurance, improvement, leadership and context.

eCORRECTOR also deeply believes that quality is what pushes the world around. We refuse to provide medium-quality services as we are aware of the importance of every single text sent to us, be it a letter, article or contract. Firstly, cooperation with native speakers of target languages allows for maximally localised translation and proofreading. Secondly, we employ quality assurance procedures and constantly update them to provide the best services.

You can contact us via the expert chat or our inbox ( to learn more about us and experience the quality we deliver.


Mission statement: to ensure textually clear, grammatically correct and properly localised proofreading and translations by native speakers of the target language.

 eCORRECTOR has an excellent track record of providing proofreading and translations to individual academics, institutes and businesses. We are building a solid reputation and have a large number of customers who reuse our services as well as recommended it to others.

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