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eCORRECTOR’s TOP 10 Christmas facts

eCORRECTOR's TOP 10 Christmas facts

Christmas is upon us, the hustle and bustle is gaining momentum, while children cannot wait to get presents from Santa. All that is missing is a little bit of snow … 🙂 For eCORRECTOR’s team it is also a very busy time! We have completed a record month (and year) of proofreading and translation jobs […]

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eCORRECTOR watches every match during EURO 2016

eCORRECTOR watches every match during EURO 2016

As the Euro 2016 season is gaining speed (this week we may cheer during Poland-Germany and Ukraine-Northern Ireland matches), we would like to refer to some reasons why British and American football fans cannot agree with each other. First of all, in the U.S. someone has to win a football […]

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Funny New Year’s Day Customs Around the World

Funny New Year's Day Customs Around the World

The New Year is coming. Most of us will be resting on New Year’s Day after the party the night before……but, have you ever wondered how people from around the world celebrate the New Year? Do they have any funny traditions connected with welcoming in the New Year?It turns out, […]

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Single’s Day in China

Single's Day in China

Single’s Day in China November 11th is not only Rememberance or Veterans Day. On this day China celebrates Single’s Day, a sort of anti-Valentine’s Day. The choice of date is not coincidental – four singles (11.11) to represent four lonely people. Single’s Day was created by several students in the 90’s […]

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